March 30, 2016

Three BDI Desk Solutions to Keep You Organized & Design Forward

In a traditional work week, the average person spends eight hours a day, five days a week plugging away at their desk. Although there can be many distractions that can interfere with a productive workday, your desk setup shouldn’t be one of them.

In fact, the right desk can help promote a more productive and organized work environment, while adding an eye-catching element of personal style and design.

Designed with an emphasis on ergonomics and organization, BDI’s office furniture is engineered to integrate today’s office technology while offering the ultimate in style, function and flexibility. Whether you are creating a small home office or a complete corporate environment, you’ll find a BDI solution for any application.


The CORRIDOR Desk includes a streamlined center multifunction keyboard drawer and two side storage drawers lined with nonslip material to keep items in place while doubling as a mouse pad. A micro-etched glass top provides a smooth, non-glare work surface. Corridor is available in Chocolate Stained Walnut and White Oak finishes.


The FORMAT Desk includes a flip-down multifunction drawer for a keyboard, mouse and/or storage of rechargeable devices. The drawers are lined with black neoprene to keep contents securely in place. The desk includes magnetically attached front and back panels that tilt for easy access to wiring.


The CENTRO Desk includes a multi-function drawer lined with non-slip material to keep a keyboard, mouse and rechargeable electronics in place. Magnetically attached front and back panels tilt or are removable for easy access to concealed wiring. When placed against a wall, the back panel can be left off for direct and easy access to wall outlets.

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