an orange tiled wall with a low sofa in front of it

6 Tile Trends Spotted at Coverings 2024

The fair in Atlanta, Georgia, shone a spotlight on the sustainability, durability, and beauty of ceramic tile (and its variants) for all genres: residential, commercial, hospitality, indoor and outdoor. Here’s six of our editors’ top picks, from functional innovations to aesthetic wins.

1. Architectural Graphics

geometric tiles in orange and green hues
a bathroom covered in pale green tile

Ceramica Fioranese launched Italian Landscapes by 23Bassi, a collection inspired by architectural motifs such as arches and stepped facades. There are four decorative tiles evocative of the cities Florence, L’Aquila and Siena, and five plain single-color ones, so designers can mix and match to their hearts content.

2. Invisible Functionality 

a steaming pot on gray tile countertop

ABK Stone’s Cooking Surface Prime is an entirely invisible induction system where the slab is the burner. What at first sight looks like a plain sintered slab countertop hides an integrated induction cooking system. Here, the pan becomes the burner through magnetism; if hands touch the surface, it feels cool, but when a pan is placed on the counter, it heats up. Fingers cannot get burned as only an iron receptacle will get warm.

3. Soft Color

a white table against an ombre background
a selection of ombre colored tiles in pale blue and orange hues

Colors meld into each other in elegant gradients like a fading sunset in Melange by Wow. The tiles come in long skinny plankts measuring 4.6 by 21.3 inches, in a tactile soft-matte finish.

4. Brutalist Inspired

a restaurant bench with a brutalist tile behind it
rows of cement panels

Sparked by the sleek industrialism of contemporary architecture, the LAB collection’s standout SKU has a corrugated concrete look and feel and is available in multiple shades of warm or cool gray plus a ceppo de gris effect (a stone that was the talk of the show) replete with chunky speckled aggregates. From Portobello America.

5. Artistic Whimsy

curbed blue, gray and white tiles in a pattern
a row of tiles in various shades on a wall display

Also from Portobello is something quite different: Impasto, a collection of organically shaped scales with a pleasingly irregular handmade effect influenced by artists such as Pollock and Kusama.

6. Seventies Panache

an orange couch against a red tiled wall
Allestimenti Acquario Due
an orange tiled wall with a low sofa in front of it

Acquario Due’s heady 1970’s-esque glossy glazed ceramic tiles, like the leafy and dimensional Calathea, are just made for hospitality spaces such as restaurants and hotels—like the lovely Faloria Spa and Mountain Resort in Cortina, Italy.

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