September 10, 2016

TJOKeefe Produces Minimalist Furniture Within 150 Miles of Its Chicago Office

Field by TJ O’Keefe.

Location: Chicago.

Less is more for TJ O’Keefe, who founded his eponymous furniture and lighting brand in 2010 with a deceptively simple mission: “Creating powerful objects through compelling minimalism.” Produced entirely within a 150-mile radius of TJOKeefe’s Chicago office, the line’s latest entries include Dip, a suite of American cypress stools so named for their feet, capped in fluorescent rubber, like overgrown matches. Seriously sharp angles converge in 3:1, an unconventional take on nesting tables, as three powder-coated steel units join to form a single cube. Powder-coated steel rod facilitates the visually delicate but structurally robust profile of the Field bench and Circuit lounge chair, as well as the glass-top Y side table. Choose from several standard finishes or opt for a custom color. 

Y by TJ O’Keefe.

Circuit by TJ O’Keefe.

Dip by TJ O’Keefe.

Circuit by TJ O’Keefe.

3:1 by TJ O’Keefe.

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