July 29, 2015

Treads and Threads: Fabric Pairings From An 18-State Road Trip

A road trip through 18 states yielded inspired landscape pairings for graphic fabric finds. See the slideshow for details.

1. CARNEGIE Chroma polyester-acrylic in 20.
2. BELLA-DURA Spot On solution-dyed polyolefin in Patriot. Available through Calvin Fabrics.
3. JOSEPH NOBLE Enigma cotton-nylon blend in Obscure and Belief.
4. SCION Pucci cotton in Acid-Leaf-Moss.
5. KNOLLTEXTILES Tabloid polyester in Letterpress.
6. ESKAYEL Laurel Forest linen-cotton blend in Thicket.
7. REBECCA ATWOOD DESIGNS Dashes linen in Midnight Black.
8. SCION Fuse viscose-polyester in indigo-lime.
9. BELLA-DURA Barnwood polyolefin in Kiwi. Available through Duralee.
10. CF STINSON Voltage nylon-cotton blend in Lightning.
11. ESKAYEL Splatter Spell linen-cotton blend in indigo. LISA ALBIN Ink Lines I nylon-wool blend in plum and electric blue on cream. 
12. MAHARAM Wedge polyester-cotton blend in Scoville. LUNA TEXTILES Telepathy cotton-nylon blend in Clue. LUNA TEXTILES Boink polyester-cotton blend in Zing.
13. MARIMEKKO Gerda cotton sateen in 930.
14. DOMINIQUE KIEFFER Chameleon cotton-polyester in Cobalt Lichen. 
15. ELECTRA EGGLESTON Cairo linen-cotton in Limestone.
16. DOMINIQUE KIEFFER Chameleon cotton-polyester in Amethyst Laguna.
17. LARSEN Farrel viscose-silk in Steel and yellow-green.
18. SEEMA KRISH Chowpatty cotton in Hathi Gray.
19. L’AVIVA HOME Vine linen.
20. DEDAR Tangram silk in 001.
21. BELLA-DURA Alluvia solution-dyed polyolefin in Jasper. Available through Wolf-Gordon.
22. NOMI FABRICS Labyrinth solution-dyed Sunbrella acrylic in Saffron.
23. DESIGNTEX Shibori Colorful* polyester with Crypton finish in 3725-901.
24. CRYPTON Modern polyester in green.
25. POLLACK Watercolor cotton-nylon blend in Sunshine.


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