January 6, 2017

Trends in Retail Design

Flipping through trade publications and social sites is a great way to stay up to date with retail design trends. Last year, there was a demand for branded showrooms throughout malls. Custom showrooms, once reserved for high-end brands, are now crossing over into mid-priced fashion categories.

Single-facing product is a hallmark of this modern showroom style. Many design-oriented shops have used multi-tiered platforms to create museum-style product exhibits. White and muted off-white color palettes are paired with brushed stainless steel or aluminum hardware and framing.

Displaying accessories on pedestals is easy, but what about entire clothing lines? What about an entire clothing section in a department store? Certainly department stores offering less fashion-forward clothing lines require a different approach. For semi-upscale retail stores, the trend has been to create a feeling of the brand resonating with the consumer in a shop-in-shop environment.

Pairing earth tones and organic elements with metallic hardware has been the go-to solution for men’s clothing departments. Here we have an example of Gyford square extrusion and Blox® connectors creating a display structure. Designers Brad Wass and Dana Gravelle of Gyford StandOff Systems paired a piece of rough-cut aromatic cedar with the aluminum hardware to create a feeling of warmth and strength. Using the Blox® system was a great choice as it lends itself to integrated signage that may be changed out quickly and scaled to be larger or smaller. The brand message is elegant and masculine using black and grey color palettes in the signage as well.

More product application galleries may be found on Gyford’s website.

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