August 7, 2020

Tricks of the Trade Shared in DesignTV by SANDOW

This week on DesignTV by SANDOW, viewers were treated to a behind-the-scenes look at projects by design firm Asthetíque and products by flooring manufacturer Patcraft, emphasizing the narrative power of design and its ability to unite. 


When a small but mighty liquid nitrogen ice cream store in the Bronx caught Editor in Chief Cindy Allen’s eye, finding out the people behind the design became a must, leading her to none other than Alina Pimkina and Julien Albertini, the creative forces behind Asthetíque. The dynamic duo shared details with Allen about how they created one of the hottest up-and-coming firms in this 1on1 segment. 

Watch the full 1on1 interview with Alina Pimkina and Julien Albertini here:


The next day, Managing Director Helene Oberman spoke with Kelly Stewart, senior hard surface designer, and Amanda Hopkins, resilient and carpet designer, about Patcraft‘s wide variety of flooring suited for any environment. The discussion focused on how Patcraft’s resilient hard-floor options, such as their linocut collection, seamlessly transition to carpet, evoking a sense of comfort in high-use spaces.  

Watch the full Product LIVE segment featuring Patcraft here: 

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