August 1, 2018

Two New Bathroom Fixture Collections Channel Jazz Age Elegance

The 1920’s and 1930’s stand out as a time of revolutionary aesthetics when luminaries like Jean-Michel Frank and Dorothy Draper transformed the homes of America’s most famous industrialists into paragons of forward-thinking design. It was also a time of unprecedented craftsmanship, as evidenced by the intricacy of pieces made with guilloché—an engraving technique that produces precise linear patterns through a hand-turned machine. Increasingly, designers are looking back at past innovations like these for inspiration.

The West Coast collection. Photography courtesy of THG-Paris.

Professionals searching for something unexpected and glamorous to add to luxury projects will find exactly what they’re after in the Grand Central and West Coast collections by THG Paris. Created in partnership with world-renowned interior designer Timothy Corrigan, these two lines draw inspiration from the beauty and sophistication of 1920’s Tiffany, Cartier, and Christofle silver and jewelry, as well as Grand Central Station. Each offering comes with a black or white onyx inlay. West Coast’s uses guilloché to create a pattern of thin crisscrossing lines, like a linen weave. Grand Central recreates the fluted columns of New York City’s most famous train station on spouts and handles.

The Grand Central collection. Photography courtesy of THG-Paris.

“Both Grand Central and West Coast reflect a combination of French classicism and All-American boldness and optimism,” says Corrigan. “By incorporating some of the details from the Jazz Age, the new collections have a distinctly clean and contemporary feeling that at the same time has a classic timelessness. Design, like all things, always operates on a pendulum, and this new collection represents a mix of the more hard-edged modernism and the return to a period in which a more lyrical and detailed aesthetic was desired.”

The completely customizable collection offers a variety of options for basins and bathtub and shower systems. In addition to THG’s signature finishes, the French atelier also produces these two collections in a variety of looks, such as chrome, nickel, rhodium silver, and soft gold.

Partnering with the brand gave Corrigan the opportunity to bring his distinct “European elegance meets California comfort” aesthetic to bathroom fixtures for the first time. “I have been a longtime fan of THG-Paris and my firm has used their products in a number of projects around the world,” says Corrigan. “I really enjoyed working with their entire team. They are truly the best in their field and figured out new ways of doing things in order to bring my ideas to life.”

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