June 29, 2018

Winding Three-Story Staircase by Atmos Tops the Menu at London Restaurant

Wood stains in 40 shades gradate from dark to light as the stair ascends from the basement, where it’s anchored with a custom oak and copper rotating liquor cabinet by These White Walls, which designed the restaurant interiors. Photography by Alex Haw.

25 designers and fabricators led by Atmos director Alex Haw

5 months to install

1,000 pounds of custom polyurethane glue

30 feet tall

Sketch rendering courtesy of Atmos.
For StairStalk by Atmos, unstained oak-laminate risers awaited assembly in a Poland workshop before the completed staircase was shipped to London and installed on-site at Hide restaurant. Photography courtesy of Atmos and Trabczynski.
The tread nosing, or edge, was crafted by bending and gluing 50 layers of oak veneer, then clamping them around formwork. Photography courtesy of Atmos and Trabczynski.
Each a slightly different shape, the oak-veneered plywood treads were the only elements to be CNC-routed rather than cut by hand. Photography courtesy of Atmos and Trabczynski.
A workshop craftsman showed where the stair’s handrail splits in two. Photography courtesy of Atmos and Trabczynski.
Visible from the street, StairStalk was commissioned by the restaurant’s owner, Hedonism Wines. Photography by Alex Haw.
Balustrades wrap around a steel core enabling the staircase to stand freely. Photography by Alex Haw.

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