August 15, 2019

Women Make a Seat for Themselves at Philadelphia Woodworking Exhibit

Windsor Flower Chair by Annie Evelyn. Photography by L. Gnadinger.

To coincide with the centenary of women’s suffrage, the Center for Art in Wood in Philadelphia is presenting “Making a Seat at the Table: Women Transform Woodworking,” from October 4 to January 18. The 43 female artists range from the established—designer and RISD president Rosanne Somerson among them—to the emerging, and their work showcases traditional techniques alongside those more techno­logical. Laura Kishimoto, for example, employed freeform vacuum-bag lami­na­ting for her circular Yumi Chair II. Annie Evelyn steam-bent the spindles holding real blossoms in her Windsor Flower Chair. But Katie Hudnall cites dumpster diving as the process behind her reclaimed-wood Spirits Cabinet.

Yumi Chair II by Laura Kishimoto. Photography by Matthew Staver.
Spirits Cabinet by Katie Hudnall. Photography by Michelle Given.
ONLINE EXCLUSIVE. Blanket by Vivian Chiu. Photography courtesy of Vivian Chiu.
ONLINE EXCLUSIVE. Hélice Dividido by Briana Trujillo. Photography courtesy of Briana Trujillo.

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