January 1, 2012

Wright Makes Right: Copeland Furniture Recreates Frank Lloyd Wright’s Iconic Designs

Copeland Furniture

Since snagging the imprimatur of the?Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, Copeland­ Furniture’s factory has been humming with reproductions from the architect’s Prairie period. Then the manufacturer moved on to his own Wisconsin residence, Taliesin, with a single design, an ottoman that doubles as storage when you remove the cushion. Next, seizing on the popularity of all things mid-century, come pieces from his Usonian­ houses, designed from 1937 until his death in 1959.

The Usonian Occasionals collection replicates smaller pieces from a single 1948 house in South Bend, Indiana. A?cocktail table, rectangular, and a side table­, more or less square, share Wright’s right angles and mortise-and-tenon con­struction. There’s also a storage ottoman with a cavity deeper than the Taliesin version but similarly concealed by a?cushion upholstered in a variety of Copeland fabrics or COM. Wood is Forest Stewardship Council-certified cherry, offered­ in six finishes and engraved with?his signature and a serial number. Because his vision of Usonia hinged on?affordability, pricing is particu­larly?palatable­. 802-222-9282;



Copeland Furniture

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