September 19, 2017

Yours and Mine

Welcome to our latest resi-only expedition. And with issue number five, you may ask, what’s new? Well, I already have a confession for you. I should start treading very carefully. I need to exercise restraint, because the whole Homes thingy can be so devastatingly addictive, so damn distracting. I have never been much of a homemaker in the traditional sense of the word, never feeling that overwhelming need to create the archetypal family holy ground. I kid
you not. However, I must confess to a semi-pathological need to design every square inch of the space I shack up in. Or perhaps I should say “spaces,” because unlike most—and to the deepest and darkest despair of my accountant— I don’t do one-offs. Oh, no. Yours Truly, a serial real-estate offender who prefers to own multiples, is currently tinkering with one, two, three, four. . .five. I sup- pose I could justify myself with the banal “planning for the future” or “investing in tangible properties” or “owning solids assets.” But that’s nonsense. Who cares? I just want another design
playpen, as many as I can get my hands on. (Something tells me I am preaching to the choir here, by the way).

Which is also why I soak up all the design I can get and share it with you here. For my own place in New York, I’m inspired by the quintessentially prewar apart- ment that David Mann revamped with exuberantly contemporary art and design. Then there’s Jan Henrik Jansen, who has now
three houses for himself on
the same Danish island. The new
one, a fancifully meandering
structure clad in the slim trunks
of spruce trees, looks like a
modernist-minded hobbit might
live there. Or consult our roundup of European residences if you want multiple examples of swimming pools. And who doesn’t?

Yes, we are supersize at Interior Design. We do a lot to support you designers and anybody else creative, to guide and inspire the profession, to report on all aspects of the industry, the world over, on many different platforms. We publish, count them, 17 issues a year for you. Wowza. But this issue of Homes is, first and foremost, for me, myself. This one time, you definitely come second. Get over it. 😉

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