December 18, 2020

ZZ Driggs Fights Fast Furniture With a Direct-to-Consumer Branch

The Angle armchair by TRNK’s Tariq Dixon.

In the U.S. alone, nearly 10 million pounds of furniture waste ends up in landfills annually. The biggest culprit is what creative entrepreneur Whitney Falk calls “fast furniture”: cheaply made products that can’t be recycled due to the resins and glues used in their construction. To help mitigate this issue, Falk founded ZZ Driggs, a distributor of heirloom-quality furniture and a rental outlet that recently launched a direct-to-consumer arm after six years serving the B2B market. Products are made by ZZ’s partner manufacturers, all of whom meet the company’s stringent sustainability and ethics standards. Yvonne Mouser’s Double Bucket bench is handmade of solid ash by Amish artisans in Pennsylvania. Forrest Lewinger of Workaday Handmade offers up Milking, a striped ceramic stool crafted in his Brooklyn, New York, studio, while Los Angeles designer Michael Felix introduces the shapely armchair Madda. Echo Totem, a lamp in three sizes by Andrew Deming and Rachel Gant of Florida-based Yield, comprises short and tall stacks of locally sourced birch rings. Angle is a clean-lined armchair by Tariq Dixon of New York studio TRNK that comes in myriad upholsteries and colors, including Ultramarine in recycled polyester. 

The Milking stool by Forrest Lewinger of Workaday Handmade.
Yvonne Mouser’s Double Bucket bench.
Michael Felix’s Madda armchair.
Yield’s Echo Totem lamp.

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