September 7, 2017

Andreas Gefeller’s New Photo Series Aims to Reimagine Urban Settings at Sous Les Etoiles Exhibit

Andreas Gefeller’s FR 07, an ink-jet print with pigment ink on fine-art paper, is appearing at Sous Les Etoiles Gallery in New York September 7. Photography courtesy of Andreas Gefeller/Sous Les Etoiles Gallery.

German fine-art photographer Andreas Gefeller appears to be on a quest to re-envision urban settings. In “The Japan Series,” he captured details around a particular prefecture, but as seen through European eyes. For his latest body of work, “Blank,” a metaphor for the information overload we’re drowning in, Gefeller has been shooting aerial images of such cities as Amsterdam, London, and Seoul, South Korea, since 2010 and manipulating them to an almost ghostly appearance.

He photographed architect Yoshikazu Uchida’s iconic Sompo Japan Building in Tokyo after midnight, standing on a bridge that shook every time a truck crossed. He later combined two dozen exposures into a single frame, which he enlarged to 46 by 54 inches. See it and 13 other images at Sous Les Etoiles Gallery in New York, September 7 through November 4.

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