August 29, 2018

Crypton Celebrates 25th Anniversary With a Detroit-Themed Party

Gabrielle Decu, Jerry Trondle, Matt Targett, Lance Keziah, Gayle Better, Cassie Bosco, Janna Sendra, Kelly Ponder, Heather Spratt, Kevin Nichols, Elise Gabrielson, Julia Gillespie, Kathryn Czuchra, Claudia Sparrer, and John Azzopardi. Photography by Katara Hause, courtesy of Crypton.

In celebration of its 25-year anniversary, Crypton, a leading performance fabric manufacturer, hosted a distinctly Detroit-centric party honoring everything from the city’s famed automotive history to renowned projects by Mies van der Rohe and Eero Saarinen. Held on the rooftop of the historic Madison Building, “Design Without Limits” cast Crypton as another player in the Motor City’s emerging design renaissance, which has blossomed in the decade-long recovery from the Great Recession. The fête boasted over 100 attendees, including local designers Michael Poris and Jeremy Noonan, and even featured a serendipitous double-rainbow after a portentous downpour.

Lance Keziah, Glenn Stinson of CF Stinson, and Julia Gillespie at “Design Without Limits.” Photography by Katara Hause, courtesy of Crypton.
Guests were invited to sit on chairs and benches outfitted with Crypton’s performance fabrics. Photography courtesy of Crypton.
A rainbow appears behind the historic Wurlitzer Building, now more commonly known as the Siren Hotel. This 14-story Renaissance revivalist office building was constructed in 1926 and is now part of Detroit’s burgeoning status as a design capital. Photography courtesy of Crypton.

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