January 21, 2013

Interior Design’s Party at the Penthouse

Last week, Interior Design hosted “Party at the Penthouse,” an evening celebrating design with over 100 members of the industry community. The venue was none other than the 6,600-square-foot winner of the 2012 Best of Year Award for Large Apartment, a penthouse in New York that marks the first collaboration between David Hotson Architect and Ghislaine Viñas Interior Design. Also the subject of Interior Design‘s November cover feature, “High Floor Heaven,” the four-level apartment is perched atop an 1896 tower designed by architect R.H. Robertson just a stone’s throw from City Hall Park.

Guests were treated to awe-inspiring, 360-degree views out of massive half-moon windows. They waved and danced in front of a Daniel Rozin wooden mirror. And of course, few could resist going down the 80-foot-long curving steel slide which winds through the levels of the apartment. As Hotson says, “No matter how many times you come back, you always discover something new and exciting.”

Take a video walk through of the award-winning penthouse at left.

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