December 7, 2018

LightArt and Interior Design Showcase the Value of Good Acoustics

Acoustician Zackery Belanger shares his expertise with guests. 

LightArt’s new CEU, Everything is Acoustic, had designers perking up their ears at Interior Design’s HQ last night. Presented by acoustician Zackery Belanger, the intimate group of designer guests and LightArt representatives explored the history, technology, and real life application of acoustical architectural products. The goal of the CEU, explained Belanger, is to project the message about acoustical fixtures’ power to enhance a space loud and clear.

“I’ve been in many rooms where it’s obvious no one thought about acoustics,” Belanger said, “but never I have been in a room where no one thought to put in lights. Through this CEU, our goal is to repackage acoustical products in a more approachable and accessible way for designers, so that specifying for good sound comes as naturally as specifying lighting.”

Some of LightArt’s acoustical and acoustical lighting products were on display for designers to examine.

Over the course of two hours, Belanger and LightArt virtually lead designers on a tour of the world-renowned Riverbank Acoustical Laboratories, an anechoic chamber at Central Washington University, and two hospitality projects that featured a before and after acoustical treatment. By the end of the presentation, the CEU’s attendees were certifiably impressed by how big an impact even a few acoustical elements can make, and left with a new respect for a facet of design that doesn’t always get the attention it deserves.

Registration for “Everything is Acoustic” is now open and can be accessed here.

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