March 11, 2016

Sliding into #IDgiants Day Two

Discovery—of architectural history, inspiration, relationships—was the takeaway from the second day of Interior Design‘s 5th annual Giants of Design conference in Palm Springs, California.

Watch the video here.

Designers enjoyed tours of Sunnylands, Frey House II, Morse House, the House of Tomorrow, the Palm Springs Art Museum, and the Palm Springs Art Museum Architecture and Design Center—then selected from tennis, croquet, yoga, or poolside relaxation for the afternoon hours.

The conference’s annual surprise (anyone remember the synchronized swimming, Ferris wheel, fireworks, or hot air balloon?) was unveiled just after sundown: a “giant” slide on the lawn adjoining Gene Autry House at the Parker Palm Springs. Designers climbed up a perilous set of stairs and rode down three by three, with most rides ending in peals of laughter.

Giants of Design runs through Wednesday, March 9. For more information on Interior Design‘s events programming please contact [email protected].

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