May 22, 2020

7 Whimsical Seating Designs

Get in line—demand is high for these lean-legged designs.

1. Sean Zhang’s Nido stools with powder-coated steel-rod frames and lacquered engineered-wood tops by Ocrùm.

2. Jader Almeida’s Ella dining chair in black-gloss micro-texture-painted carbon steel and wood by Sollos through West | NYC Home.

3. Eli Gutiérrez’s French chair with fabric exterior and leather interior by Black Tone by JMM.

4. Lara Bohinc’s Saturn chair with painted galvanized-steel square-rod frame and wool upholstery by Bohinc Studio.

5. Filipa Aguiar and João Pereira’s Cod sofa in beech with Gabriel Step polyester upholstery in red by Porventura.

6. Marc Ange’s Les Araignées indoor/outdoor sofa in Tissu upholstery by LJ Edition.

7. Dutch East Design’s Float lounge chairs with brass-finish welded-steel frames and leather upholstery by Jamie Stern Design.

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