Red lamp against a red background.

8 Office Products in Spicy Hues

The spicy hues of these office products get the creativity going.

1. Cato office chair on plastic casters in polyester in Medley Spice by Room & Board Business Interiors.

A red leather office chair on wheels.

2. Coil Collection Naturals pendant fixture in waste resin, PVC-free cord, and stainless-steel cable by LightArt.

A red pendant light against a matching red background

3. Como polyester in Rhubarb by Supreen.

A dark red fabric with drops of water sitting on top.

4. Poet privacy lounge in Gabriel Capture 4801, Gabriel Harmony 3102, and Maharam Pare Concord 007 with integrated table in buff-finished white oak by JSI.

A woman sits on a large, light red armchair.

5. Giro Soft upholstered modular sofa with ash base by Andreu World.

A large red couch with a curved back.

6. Cove high-back chairs in plant-based polyurethane shell, molded foam topper, Maharam Mode 023 polyester, and white oak pedestals by Stylex.

Two red fabric chairs sit in an entryway in front of a gray and red piece of art.

7. Flek Pure solid surfacing in pelletized Varia trimmings by 3form.

Flecked surface material in gold, gray, red and bronze.

8. Backstitch Collection in poly-vinyl chloride, polyester, nylon, rayon, cotton, and polypropylene by Pallas Textiles.

A collection of fabrics in reds, oranges and browns.