Arte combines a passion for design and a drive for technological innovation in elegant wallcoverings that complement a range of interiors, from sumptuous classic to minimalist avant-garde. With hundreds designs in thousands of colors, Arte wallcoverings reflect a rich range of elegance, style and taste.

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    Antigua by Arte

    Arte’s new Antigua collection of prints and semi-plain wallcoverings takes inspiration from traditional handicrafts such as sewing, painting and drawing, offering a fresh combination of visual elegance and tactile appeal. Antigua comprises five patterns in 41 colorways, including Tropicali, an exuberant tropical print in the Old English style on a base with a boucle textile look. These prints, patterns and weaves share a warm textile look and feel. Some resemble linen and others have the tactile nature of boucle; they all feature an authentic patina, an extra layer that emphasizes the beauty of these timeless designs.

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    Spring 2023 Wallcoverings

    Arte’s Spring 2023 collections draw inspiration from the Far East, the Sahara, French Islands and the Himalayas, in wallcoverings that celebrate the tones and textures found in these global destinations. The collections include designs such as large-scale murals, bold patterns and textured surfaces in a color palette that is perfectly on-trend. All designs in these collections feature Arte’s signature visual elegance and tactile appeal.

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    Objet by Arte

    Decorative mouldings have adorned walls and ceilings in all shapes and styles for centuries. For the new Objet wallcoverings collection, Arte took inspiration from skirting boards, cornices, wainscoting and wall panels in stately mansions, imposing palaces and listed buildings, infusing classic elements with a modern spirit. These wallcoverings combine color, texture and relief with a soft suede-look surface for an extra tactile result. And because they are three-dimensional, these designs also have a positive impact on the acoustics in a room. Objet by Arte includes four patterns in five colorways each.

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    Decors & Panoramiques

    Decors & Panoramiques by Arte represents a bold new direction in wallcoverings: surprisingly large-scale motifs incorporating fantastical images and hand-painted designs executed in a range of materials, from velvety-soft silks to textural boucle to sophisticated linen. Decors features lavish images and is sold by the linear yard, while each design in Panoramiques comprises several panels that together form one panoramic whole. Rich colors and detailed designs make Decors & Panoramiques eye-catching additions to a range of applications. 11 patterns, 28 colorways.

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    Costura by Arte draws its inspiration from traditional craftsmanship with textiles as the starting point. All designs are formed with needle and thread, then translated into motifs with striking stitching and impressive patchwork. Diagonal lines and surprising prints alternate in this unique collection based on handicraft. 6 patterns, 41 colorways.

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    Worldly inspiration meets design maximalism in Gitane, Arte’s new wallcovering collection that incorporates signature motifs from around the world. Baskets from Zimbabwe, florals from Italy, tigers from Tibet and other site-specific leitmotifs come together in a collection of diverse influences unified by color, tone and texture. 7 patterns, 36 colorways.

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    Curve by Arte

    Icons by Arte reinterprets traditional interior design elements such as shagreen leather, boucle fabric, metal accents and rattan, as fresh inspiration for wallcoverings. Versatile materials and carefully considered scale and pattern infuse these classic motifs with a modern spirit. Featuring a warm mix of materials, lush finishes and luxurious surface dimension, Icons brings a timeless look to any design scheme. The collection comprises 7 patterns in 24 colorways: Curve (4 colorways); Shagreen (8 colorways); Platinum (9 colorways); Sybiosis (4 colorways); Rattan (2 colorways); Latus (13 colorways); Waffle Weave (5 colorways).

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    Les Thermes by Arte

    Les Thermes depicts the rich history of Greco-Roman antiquity, in which sculpture and architecture both play important roles. The well-known bathing culture also has a prominent presence. This is reflected in aspects such as luxurious mosaics, traditional techniques and an impression of a hand-painted scene of Roman thermal baths. This opulent collection of 5 patterns in 34 colorways provides a taste of the grandeur of days long gone.