Intersection Divider System with Powder Coated Aluminum Frames
and Custom Cut-Out Acousticor PET Felt.


Corona Group Inc.

Since their founding, Corona Group has been guided by two principles: offer premium furniture and unique solutions that complement the relationship between people, technology and their work environments. And through the integration of true ergonomic solutions, deliver improved productivity, comfort and well-being to the individual workspace. Today, they apply these principles to emerging technological applications in education, healthcare and office environments.

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    Intersection Divider System

    Intersection Divider System with Decorative Glass Panels. Using our many decorative solutions, create a division of space without blocking the view.

  • Brand Products

    Intersection Divider Systems

    The Intersection divider system, not confined or anchored to the wall, can pair with a variety of materials from Acousticor PET felt and porcelain to fabric or glass, creating ultimate flexibility.