EzoBord, an Ayrsonics North America brand, works closely with Architects, Designers and Contract Furniture Dealers providing custom tailored Design Driven Acoustical solutions, on a made to order basis. EzoBord produces custom printed PET acoustic panels featuring stunning designs from the Robin Sprong Collection using its EzoPrint dye sublimation process, that can be repeated and applied in various thicknesses and configurations.

Robin Sprong, an award-winning bespoke wallpaper, and surface design studio, represents an exciting collaboration that harnesses the creative energy and designs of independent global artists with EzoBord’s wall and ceiling products to seamlessly integrate art, culture, and acoustic performance into working and hospitality spaces. The Collection features 126 unique patterns that can be applied in various configurations and thicknesses. Made in America.

Robin Sprong Collection – Featured Artists

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    Donna Solovei

    Donna Solovei. Born in South Africa, 1981. Studied at both Chelsea and Camberwell College of Art, London. Exhibited locally and internationally with a range of works varying from Illustration, printmaking, textiles and product. Now living in Cape Town.

    This body of work has been produced to evoke emotion and thought. Donna’s work has become a synchronicity of impressions from nature. Water, air, light, and the movement of these elements established a flow for the production of these pieces. It encompasses a broad palette derived from the library of nature. Donna has used many layers of almost transparent ink, and nuances of tone to create a suggestion and reveal a slightness of the delicate and fragile nature of our world.

    It’s her translation of textures and color depicted from Cape Town’s environment that we observe and begin to feel through her painting and printmaking.

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    Esté Macleod

    Esté MacLeod is a UK-based contemporary artist known for her vibrant and colourful art characterised by use of stylised forms and painted layers. She initially studied textile design followed later by a BA (Hons) Ceramics & Glass and an MA in Jewellery Design.

    As a fine artist, Esté works primarily as a colourist painter applying her unique sense of colour and design to the canvas. Her background in textiles and ceramics is noticeable in the stylised, abundant and colourful forms used in her trademark bird, floral and simplified plant forms. Although shapes are distorted and altered, there is a strong sense of the familiar. She works intuitively, letting her paintings develop over time and her work often features layered, abstract shapes and lines that create a sense of depth and movement.

    All of Este’s creations start off as paintings on canvas and her work lends itself to be used for surface pattern design. Esté’s work is is used for all kinds of design collaborations including wallpaper, textiles, homeware and stationery.

    Elevate the aesthetic and functionality of your workspace or hospitality setting.

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    Uta Naumann

    Uta’s birthplace is the beautiful baroque city, Dresden in Germany. She spent her early years growing up in the capital of the Saxony, and in 2015 Uta relocated to Leipzig.

    The foundation for Uta’s work centers around floral motifs, colour, and nature. She is passionate about romantic vintage designs and timeless glamour.

    For many years, Uta has collected books featuring antique illustrations, drawings of historical pharmacy plants, lush tropical vegetation, and roses, specifically.

    Uta describes her approach to creating such eye-catching and intricate pattern designs as “drifting”.

    The foundation for the style of a composition can be unpredictable initially, but over time Uta integrates layers of detailed forms in the foreground & background of her composition to illustrate her chosen motifs. This helps her create a completely new variation of the pattern with which she once began.

    This intricate approach to creating eye-catching designs makes Uta’s work a spectacular addition to living spaces.