FilzFelt carries German-milled 100% Wool Design Felt and felt products that include acoustic solutions, floor coverings, hanging panels and wall panels plus provides full custom fabrication services.

Wool felt is one of the oldest man-made textiles. As felt is a non-woven fabric and does not require a loom for its production, ancient people were able to produce it quite easily. To produce felt, raw wool undergoes a wet “felting” process, which involves matting, condensing and pressing the fibers. Design Felt is high quality, eco-friendly (wool content!), comes in highly saturated colors, and is perfect for demanding design applications.

FilzFelt’s products

  • Brand Products

    ARO Shingle

    Inspired by exterior building cladding, Architecture Research Office takes a deep dive into three-dimensional patterning with four new ARO Shingle designs. The new products start with a 60% recycled content acoustic substrate, which is either folded or curved and finished with a layer of pure wool felt. The dynamic overlapping panel shapes are animated by light and shadow to soften sound in over ninety colors of wool felt.