For over 70 years, Flexco has built premium, made-in-the-U.S.A. rubber and vinyl flooring. An extension of the Roppe Holding Company family of brands, Flexco is committed to providing expert service and sustainable, coordinated flooring to meet every request and requirement beautifully.

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    Distinct Designs Studio Collection – Updated Palettes

    Flexco is breaking new ground in commercial interior design with the Distinct Designs Studio Collection. It’s organized into three palettes for a coordinated look across rubber flooring, wall base and stair treads. These include the FlexTones® palette which, with the addition of 34 new, solid flooring colors, offers 68 on-trend hues, plus the patterned SpexTones and marbled Evolving Styles palettes. Beyond visual appeal—Flexco flooring resists wear, staining and fading, ensuring the color specified will last for the life of the flooring. For creating modern, traditional, minimalist or eclectic interior spaces, this complete collection meets every style and preference beautifully.

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    Distinct Designs Studio Collection – Rubber Flooring

    Flexco’s versatile, high-performance rubber flooring serves as the basis for the Distinct Designs Studio Collection—a coordinated palette, profile and size selection system. Constructed with durable, sustainable materials, this rubber flooring not only provides a cohesive look across rubber plank, tile and sheet, it offers a wide range of features and benefits. It’s shock absorbent, hygienic and easy to install, clean and maintain. Plus, with hundreds of available color, pattern and profile combinations, this rubber flooring brings long-lasting performance and a seamless, cohesive look to high-traffic commercial spaces.

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    Distinct Designs Studio Collection – Rubber Stair Treads

    Distinct Designs Rubber Stair Treads provide style and safety from design through installation and beyond. In addition to enhanced coordination across commercial spaces, these treads install easily—typically without the use of epoxy nose filler—and require no added coatings, sealers or finishes, reducing exposure to chemicals. This collection also includes risers, stringers, landing tile, ribbed inserts, grit strips and tread options with a reinforced metal nose for added durability.