Parador Modular ONE

Parador Modular ONE is an innovative and conscious modular flooring solution. The line’s healthy, renewable materials and click installation system make it a go-to choice for designers seeking style and environmental responsibility in their projects.


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    Parador Modular ONE

    Parador Modular ONE flooring embodies a design story rooted in innovation, sustainability, and adaptability. Its diverse design capabilities are a testament to the brand’s commitment to the evolving needs of designers and their clients.

    Modular ONE’s click installation system allows for effortless, adhesive-free installation, empowering designers to transform spaces effortlessly. This adaptability extends to a diverse range of design options, encompassing wood and stone patterns. Modular ONE offers the ideal canvas for creative expression, whether a rustic, classic, or contemporary aesthetic.

    Our flooring is crafted from predominantly natural and renewable materials, ensuring durability while minimizing environmental and human impact. Parador Modular ONE empowers designers to craft low-impact, visually stunning interiors.