amorphous lighting hanging from ceiling

This Lighting Collection Muses On The Seasonal Shifts Of The Midwest

2023 Best of Year Winner for Chandelier

A collaboration between the Minneapolis lighting manufacturer spearheaded by Jackson Schwartz and Prospect Refuge Studio founder Victoria Sass, Ontologia is a collection of sconces, chandeliers, table and floor lamps, and pendants that muses on the seasonal shifts of the Midwest. The range is defined by a globular glass orb (in rose, sand, amber, or green) melted and draped over a mahogany ball; the two are tethered together by magnets. The lightbulb inside the orb is anchored to an electrical cord that can be artfully looped and swagged about the metal armature into, say, an abstracted manifestation of chaos theory or a study in inclement weather. Eminently organic, unique, and flexible, Ontologia took home the gong for best Chandelier.

two people standing in room with lighting, ladders and statue
Victoria Sass and Jackson Schwartz.
room with amorphous lighting, white statue and ladders
closeup of amorphous lighting
amorphous lighting hanging from ceiling

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