Bolon’s Punchy Vinyl Tile Collection Invites a Sense of Play

2023 Best of Year Winner for Hard Flooring

A kaleidoscopic flock of geometric and organically shaped woven-vinyl tiles allows designers to create punchy graphic art underfoot. That’s the premise of Shapes, Bolon’s Best of Year–winning collection for Hard Flooring. The nine available formats—including Link, Hexagon, Prism, Triangle, Rectangle, and Wave—are customizable in color and size, plus they can be mixed together in unique compositions. Earning sustainability points, the tiles are made on looms using recycled materials and renewable energy. Channel your inner Sol LeWitt or Ellsworth Kelly; after all, flooring shouldn’t be boring. Through Matter Surfaces.

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room with blue drapes and orange and blue tiled flooring
The Shapes Collection by Bolon in the Link format.

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