February 28, 2020

10 Indoor Pools to Leap Into

These breathtaking indoor pools offer respite and recreation. Leap in! 

1. Solaz Los Cabos Resort by Sordo Madaleno Arquitectos

Designed by Sordo Madaleno Arquitectos, water features—another unifying element found throughout the property—are a cooling counterpoint to the desert environment and enhance the sense of the Solaz as an oasis. The beachfront spa offers saltwater thalasso­therapy sessions and blocks of Himalayan rock salt form a cylindrical cabin for guests to enjoy during their treatments. 

2. Pool House by Roger Ferris + Partners

This 4,280-square-foot pool and guesthouse by Roger Ferris + Partners in Westport, Connecticut is set into an incline overlooking the Long Island Sound. A grass entrance slopes down from the lawn between concrete retaining walls, leading to an airy pavilion with a lounge/bedroom and a 75-foot saltwater lap pool. 

3. Monteverdi Tuscany Spa by Ilaria Miani

Designer Ilaria Miani had the pools carved into a cliff, excavating 26 feet to create grotto-like spaces for classical hydrotherapy rituals. Cement stairs hug rugged rock outcroppings leading to a black granite plunge pool framed in iron and glass. Sunlight dapples the gray plaster walls of a heated underground pool.

4. Upstate New York pool house by BarlisWedlick Architects

This 2,750-square-foot secret pool house by BarlisWedlick Architects discreetly tucks into the hillside at a 115-acre estate in Chatham, New York. A partially underground passageway from the Adirondack-style main house provides access to the 54-foot pool—and panoramic views of the Catskill Mountains.

5. London townhouse by Lionel Jadot

Excavating below the basement of a London townhouse by Lionel Jadot allowed for an indoor pool seemingly carved out of quartzite.

6. Echo House by Paul Raff Studio

The 16,200-square-foot Echo House in Toronto, Canada by Paul Raff Studio boasts a sports and entertainment wing which includes a 40-foot indoor pool. To eliminate glare on the pool’s water, Raff replaced skylights with Douglas fir slats.

7. 19th-century Melbourne terrace house by B.E Architecture

The basement pool room of a Melbourne terrace house by B.E. Architecture features bluestone walls, a custom brass spout, and brushed granite flooring.

8. Renovated 18th-century Portuguese farmhouse by ES1Arq

ES1Arq’s Elisabete Saldanha de Oliveira excavated 5,000 square feet under a renovated 18th-century farmhouse in Guimarães, Portugal, to construct the separate pool house, clad in Iroko wood and mosaic tile.

9. Suburban French triplex by Dwek Architecture + Partners

In this Parisian triplex, a type of schist clads the walls and floor surrounding the 36-foot pool, illuminated by color-changing LEDs. The window at the far end offers a view into the home cinema.

10. London home by Moderno Interiors

With the push of a button, a hydraulic mechanism makes the pool shallower—and more child-friendly. Another push, and the bottom rises until flush with the pool surrounds, creating a tiled dance floor in just eight minutes.

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