February 15, 2019

10 Presidential Suite Designs with Contemporary Style

In honor of Presidents Day, we’ve curated a list of 10 contemporary presidential suites that boldly break with tradition, showcasing innovative design and exceptional style. These select spaces boast custom furnishings, bold lighting designs, and unexpected, playful elements like swings, merging comfort with luxury. Explore the epitome of innovative design in these extraordinary suites, where every detail is a testament to modern aesthetics and elegant finishes. Embark on a visual journey through these masterfully designed spaces and let the world of contemporary design inspire your senses and imagination.

Experience Design Brilliance in these World-Class Presidential Suites

1. The Line DC by INC Architecture & Design

The chandelier, dining table, and chairs within The Line DC by INC Architecture & Design are not off-the-shelf pieces. Each element is custom-designed and crafted with precision, epitomizing unique style and innovative design. This tailored approach ensures not only aesthetic coherence but also a level of quality and originality that sets the space apart. The thoughtful selection and placement of each custom piece contribute to a meticulously curated ambiance, where every detail complements the sophisticated design ethos of the entire suite.

2. The Jaffa by John Pawson

In the elegantly appointed dining/living area of the suite, the furniture stands as a tribute to renowned design. The chairs, crafted with the distinguished touch of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, and the sofa, a masterpiece by Michel Ducaroy, adorn the space with timeless style and exceptional comfort. Each piece, meticulously designed and constructed, adds to the harmonious blend of form and function, reflecting the overarching theme of contemporary design and refined luxury evident throughout the suite.

3. Hotel Seamarq by Richard Meier & Partners Architects

In the penthouse presidential suite of Hotel Seamarq by Richard Meier & Partners Architects, every piece of furniture is a statement in design and luxury. Lazzeroni Studio’s elegant armchairs find their place between the exquisite lounge chairs and sofa by Christophe Pillet. This deliberate arrangement creates a harmonious interplay of form and function, showcasing the designers’ commitment to both comfort and aesthetic excellence. Each piece, thoughtfully selected and positioned, contributes to the overall allure of the space, reflecting a high standard of design and attention to detail that echoes throughout the sophisticated environs of the suite.

4. 1Hotel Brooklyn Bridge Park by INC Architecture & Design and Marvel Architects

In the 1Hotel Brooklyn Bridge Park by INC Architecture & Design and Marvel Architects, the flooring echoes a commitment to sustainable and innovative design. The floor planks are not ordinary, but engineered from reclaimed pine, marrying ecological responsibility with stylish design. This choice of material adds not only a rich texture and warm aesthetic to the space but also carries a history, making each plank unique. The reclaimed pine floors stand as a testament to the thoughtful and environmentally conscious design approach adopted, underscoring the suite’s blend of luxury, comfort, and sustainability.

5. Andaz Scottsdale Resort & Spa by EDG Interior Architecture + Design and Delawie

The expansive 1,800-square-foot suite at Andaz Scottsdale Resort & Spa by EDG Interior Architecture + Design and Delawie offers more than just luxurious space and exquisite design. Guests are greeted with a breathtaking view of the iconic Camelback Mountain, seamlessly integrating the beauty of nature with the suite’s elegant interiors. This harmonious blend enhances the overall ambiance, providing a scenic backdrop that complements the meticulously crafted interior spaces. The suite’s thoughtful design ensures that the stunning mountain view can be enjoyed from various angles within the space, further elevating the guest experience in this epitome of architectural excellence and luxury.

6. 1Hotel South Beach by Meyer Davis Studio

At 1Hotel South Beach, designed by the renowned Meyer Davis Studio, attention to texture and comfort is evident in every detail. Cowhide rugs are strategically placed to soften the sitting area, adding a layer of warmth and luxury atop the engineered white-oak floorboards. This design choice not only enhances the tactile experience but also contributes to a visually stunning contrast, marrying rustic charm with modern elegance. The carefully selected materials, from the plush cowhide to the sleek oak, underscore the hotel’s commitment to providing a space that is both stylish and comfortable, reflecting a perfect balance of design elements in harmony with the surroundings.

7. Hotel Alessandra by Rottet Studio

In Hotel Alessandra by Rottet Studio, the living room of the spacious 1,600-square-foot suite is a masterpiece of thoughtful design and luxurious comfort. At its heart is a custom sectional sofa, meticulously upholstered in sumptuous mohair. This choice of fine material not only exudes elegance but also invites relaxation, enhancing the suite’s welcoming ambiance. The sofa’s tailored design and plush upholstery stand out as a focal point, seamlessly integrating with other curated elements in the space to create a harmonious and upscale living environment. Each aspect of the suite, from the bespoke furnishings to the choice of rich fabrics, reflects a commitment to superior design and guest satisfaction.

8. Intercontinental Los Angeles Downtown by AC Martin Partners

The presidential suite at Intercontinental Los Angeles Downtown by AC Martin Partners elevates luxury and design to new heights. The suite’s bathroom boasts a breathtaking marble-composite tub, melding form and function to create a haven of relaxation and elegance. This exquisite feature underscores the suite’s dedication to providing unparalleled luxury, offering guests the ultimate space to unwind in style. The use of high-quality materials and sophisticated design elements throughout the bathroom not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also contributes to an opulent and cohesive atmosphere, ensuring an exceptional experience for every guest.

9. Hôtel Monville by ACDF Architecture

In the Monville Suite at Hôtel Monville by ACDF Architecture, every piece of furniture is a unique expression of style and comfort. The suite boasts custom furniture, including a wool-covered ottoman, exemplifying thoughtful design and attention to detail. This specially designed piece adds a layer of texture and warmth to the suite, enhancing its inviting and luxurious atmosphere. The choice of rich wool upholstery showcases the hotel’s commitment to combining aesthetic appeal with functional comfort, ensuring that each element within the suite contributes to a seamless and exceptional guest experience. This harmonious blend of bespoke design elements solidifies the Monville Suite as a pinnacle of stylish accommodation

10. W Bellevue by HKS

Entering the Wow Suite’s bathroom at W Bellevue by HKS, guests are greeted with an unexpected and delightful design element: swings, evoking the relaxed charm of a lake house porch. This inventive feature infuses the space with a whimsical, serene ambiance, transporting guests to a place of calm and leisure. The design masterfully combines novelty with luxury, demonstrating the hotel’s commitment to creating unique and memorable experiences for its guests. Beyond mere aesthetics, the swings underscore the suite’s dedication to comfort and relaxation, ensuring every aspect of the stay is infused with joy and ease.

In conclusion, from custom furnishings to unique design elements like swings in bathrooms and marble-composite tubs, each hotel suite showcased in this article stands as a testament to the limitless possibilities of contemporary design. These masterfully crafted spaces not only prioritize comfort and luxury but also embody innovation, creativity, and attention to detail, offering guests unparalleled experiences in diverse locales around the world. As we end this exploration, we’re left with a renewed appreciation for the art of hotel design, looking forward to the continued evolution of style, luxury, and experiential wonder in hotel suites across the globe.

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