April 25, 2018

10 Stunning Storefronts Rethinking the Retail Experience

Bricks-and-mortar retail is far from over—these storefronts prove it.

1. Project: Adeam @ Ginza Six

Firm: Happenstance Collective

Site: Tokyo

Standout: An interwoven stainless steel mesh screen zigzags along the entrance, creating niches for mannequins and forging serenity within hectic shopping mall environs.

Hunke Optik by Ippolito Fleitz Group. Photography by Zooey Braun.

2. Project: Hunke Optik

Firm: Ippolito Fleitz Group

Site: Ludwigsburg, Germany

Standout: Luxury spectacles perched on radiant Perspex shelving command attention, while private consulting occurs along the Aspergerstraße facade’s integrated alcoves.

Phat Soles by Interior Design Laboratorium. Photography by Giorgios Sfakianakis.

3. Project: Phat Soles

Firm: Interior Design Laboratorium

Site: Athens

Standout: Spotlights illuminate recycled theatre chairs, where customers try on vibrantly colored sneakers amid black sand-blasted fir wood columns and gridded metallic shelving.

Dior by Labvert. Photography by Andreas Scheiblecker.

4. Project: Dior

Firm: Labvert

Site: Paris

Standout: Sunny motifs abound: the window’s golden soleil sculpture, chandeliers equipped with optical lenses, and wall-mounted glass lamellae all brighten the brand’s first glasses boutique.

Cañamiel by MATERIA. Photography by Yaatzil Ceballos.

5. Project: Cañamiel


Site: Mexico City

Standout: The budget-minded boutique’s material rawness is exemplified via rearrangeable shelving where Mexican and Latin designers showcase apparel, accessories, and homewares.

Max Mara by Duccio Grassi Architects. Photography by Bryant Botero.

6. Project: Max Mara

Firm: Duccio Grassi Architects

Site: New York City

Standout: Hand-treated brass wall surfaces created with Tuscan artisanal techniques nod to Italian craftsmanship, also a focal point in the entrance’s Ceppo di Gré stone flooring.

Warby Parker by JRM Construction Management. Photography by Hung Pham.

7. Project: Warby Parker

Firm: JRM Construction Management

Site: Santa Monica, California

Standout: A glass storefront ensures terrazzo flooring, a marble reception desk, solid wood–wrapped shelving, and the curved soffit’s cartoonish illustrations by Steven Harrington soak in sunlight.

The Webster by Christopher Osvai. Photography by Andrew Rowat / Camilo Rios.

8. Project: The Webster

Firm: Christopher Osvai

Site: New York City 

Standout: Works by Gaetano Pesce, Pierre Frey, and Maxi Cohen enliven six floors of a historic SoHo cast-iron, host to high-end clothing interwoven amongst Art Deco objets d’art.

Vrai & Oro by Warren Office for Research and Design. Photography: Paul Vu / Vao.

9. Project: Vrai & Oro

Firm: Warren Office for Research and Design

Site: Los Angeles

Standout: The female-run jeweler’s ornament-free approach also applies to the flagship’s curved walnut seating, linear brass pendants, and warm lighting, all a toast to understated elegance.

Swarovski Kristallwelten by Fredrikson Stallard. Photography courtesy of Swarovski.

10. Project: Swarovski Kristallwelten

Firm: Fredrikson Stallard

Site: Innsbruck, Germany

Standout: Underneath medieval niches sit museum-like patinated steel vitrines that showcase both the enduring radiance of crystal and the studio’s proficiency with material contrasts.

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