May 19, 2017

13 Stunning Stores Around the World

For merchandise from clothing to housewares, these retail environments fit perfectly.

Pasabahçe by Demirden DesignPhotography by Ibrahim Özbunar.

1. Firm: 
Demirden Design.

Project: Pasabahçe.

Site: Istanbul.

Standout: To delineate zones for a manufacturer’s different brands of glass, handblown orbs, tinted or colorless, are suspended in painted iron étagères.

Issey Miyake by Tokujin Yoshioka. Photography by Olivier Baco.

2. Firm: 
Tokujin Yoshioka.

Project: Issey Miyake.

Site: Milan.

Standout: A greenish tinge to the white wall paint subliminally echoes bolder green accents, such as the anodized-aluminum disks that descend from the ceiling.

Chuang x Yi by Lukstudio. Photography by Dirk Weiblen.

3. Firm: 

Project: Chuang x Yi.

Site: Shanghai.

Standout: The city’s “lane houses,” with clothes hanging to dry outside, get a high-style nod from Tiwu’s modular display fixtures fronted by copper-finished steel bars.

Sugar Lady by Prism Design Consulting Shanghai Co. Photography by Makoto Adachi.

4. Firm: 
Prism Design Consulting Shanghai Co.

Project: Sugar Lady.

Site: Shanghai.

Standout: A two-week pop-up wore its temporary nature on its sleeve, turning zip-up polypropylene tent fabric into ad hoc womens-wear displays and fitting rooms.

Gnomo by Masquespacio. Photography by Luis Beltrán.

5. Firm: 

Project: Gnomo.

Site: Valencia, Spain.

Standout: Memphis references, particularly the palette of pastels and saturated colors and the geometric shapes of display stands, give a housewares shop its graphic charge.

Aquatalia by MNA. Photography by Thaddeus Rombauer.

6. Firm:

Project: Aquatalia.

Site: New York.

Standout: Faceted lime plaster walls, accented by antiqued brass shelving, guide customers to the finishing touch: a changeable display wall under an faux skylight.

b8ta by Gensler. Photography by Ryan Gobuty.

7. Firm:

Project: b8ta.

Site: Santa Monica, California.

Standout: An indoor-outdoor storefront, minimal branding, and a black palette create a seamless environment for testing consumer technology prototypes.

Mark’Style by Joseph Grappin Studio. Photography by Francois Guillemin.

8. Firm:
Joseph Grappin Studio.

Project: Mark’Style Tokyo.

Site: Paris.

Standout: Ash shelving requiring no nails or screws creates an infinite grid for displaying Japanese objects, an effect multiplied by mirrored ceilings.

Shein Showroom by Megan Grehl Design. Photography by Sarina Saletta.

9. Firm:
Megan Grehl Design.

Project: Shein Showroom.

Site: Los Angeles.

Standout: Blackened steel displays with concrete platforms, contrasted by pink velvet upholstery, fill out a raw loft space in an art deco building.

Alquema by Loopcreative. Photography by Michael Wee.

10. Firm: 

Project: Alquema.

Site: Sydney.

Standout: A radial steel clothing rack draws attention to the fashion brand’s new collections, as do chrome-dipped mannequins from the Netherlands.

Miansai by Michael Saiger and Analog ModernPhotography courtesy of Miansai.

11. Firm:
Michael Saiger and Analog Modern.

Project: Miansai.

Site: Venice Beach, California.

Standout: American black walnut display cases add an earthy touch to the accessories brand’s outpost, complete with a kombucha bar and backyard garden.

Turntable Lab by Situ Studio. Photography by John Muggenborg.

12. Firm:
Situ Studio.

Project: Turntable Lab.

Site: New York.

Standout: Clad with a rearrangeable plywood cleat system, the audio store’s walls can hold record shelves, glass cabinets, apparel hooks, and more.

Tai Jewelry by Carter Design. Photography by Arion Doerr.

13. Firm:
Carter Design.

Project: Tai Jewelry.

Site: New York.

Standout: Furnishings from The Future Perfect, BDDW, and Dienst + Dotter complement marble and brass display cases and bleached-oak floors.

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