December 24, 2013

2013 BOY Winner: Beach/Country House

Not many properties are blessed with an architectural pedigree. This 2-acre lot, however, boasted not one but two significant structures: a house and a little design studio built by architect Andrew Geller in 1962. Neither being large enough for the current owners, they asked Interior Design Hall of Fame inductees Harry Bates and Paul Masi to move the original house to the property’s botanically notable yew garden, convert the studio into a pool house, and build a mahogany-clad main house, 6,000 square feet with six bedrooms.

A ground-hugging mahogany boardwalk, recalling ones Geller had used elsewhere, races through a garden planted with 400,000 Siberian irises. The boardwalk morphs, conceptually, into the main circulation path through the house. Its ceiling, furthermore, displays the boardwalk’s pinstripe pattern of alternating wide and narrow bands. Similarly pinstriped, the back deck is oriented toward a sloping wetland and the creek beyond.

Project Team:
Robert Couch; Peter Storey.

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