December 24, 2013

2013 BOY Winner: Budget

You gotta have a gimmick, as they say. And ORA’s principals Joe Alguire and Oonagh Ryan would agree. Their double scoop of irreverence at Peddler’s Creamery ice-cream parlor only makes the idea more delicious. 

T-shirts sold there ask, “Yearning for a churning?” If yes, then just lend a hand—or, more accurately, both your feet. The inventive central feature at the modest 650-square-foot storefront is a stationary bicycle for patrons to hop on, and, using pedal power, generate green energy to churn organic frozen desserts, both milk-based and nondairy. Meanwhile, assorted bicycle wheels and gears compose a sculpture hanging against one of the windows.

Also artful is the enclosure that conceals the churning equipment. Alguire and Ryan cut up shipping pallets to yield wooden shingles to clad the volume, then slathered them in a rainbow of bright non-VOC paint. The colors contrast with the creamy white of the cash-wrap and serving counter. It’s tiled in standard-issue ceramic squares that were reclaimed for free.

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