December 24, 2013

2013 BOY Winner: Large Corporate Office

Lesser-known than General Mills or Nestlé, Hain was founded with the promise to deliver predominantly organic, healthy food. There are now 40 brands, including Terra Chips and Celestial Seasonings tea. And headquarters has moved to a long, low brick building that served in the 1940’s as the seat of the United Nations.

A glance around the 86,000 square feet inside is an instant lesson in visual pop, readability, and shopability, to use a buzzword. Flanking the memorable double-height reception area are a company store and a café, both stocked with colorful packaged goods. Their proximity and primacy are key organizing principles—this mastery of layout and focal techniques bears witness to the dual workplace and retail specialties of A+I principals Dag Folger and Brad Zizmor. JBM president Lori Margolis, a color and finishes expert, helped overlay branding elements and messaging graphics, including pixelated aerial photography of Kansas farmland. 

Project Team:
Sommer Schauer; Eliane Maillot; Phil Ward; Laura Sinn; Alan Calixto: Architecture + Information.

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