December 24, 2013

2013 BOY Winner: Luxury Retail

Firm: Yabu Pushelberg
Lane Crawford
Nacása & Partners


Once synonymous with Hong Kong, this fashion-centric department store chain now has two locations in the capital. The latest is, more specifically, in a massive mixed-use development by John Portman & Associates. Interior Design Hall of Fame members George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg organized the 19,000 square feet into a curated series of rooms, as if in a futuristic mansion.


That means women’s ready-to-wear is presented in a softly up-lit platinum-toned “living room” setting featuring a residence-worthy Vladimir Kagan sofa. Another room is meant to recall a library, its green walls providing a vivid backdrop for the highest-end shoes and handbags. That space’s marble floor extends into a vestibule, then rises to become the steps up to menswear. There, two colorful salons were designed with a walk-in closet concept.


Project Team:
Mary Mark; Eduardo Figueredo; Tracy Morton; Chun Yiu Lam; Eiri Ota; Sunny Leung; Janis Yung; Robert Macdonald; Chris French; Chris Chen.


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