December 24, 2013

2013 BOY Winner: Small Office

Representing an international freight forwarder’s stock in trade, metaphoric gestures establish an indelible corporate identity. Shipping containers, for example, were Joey Ho’s model for the reception station, clad in galvanized steel painted bright blue. Farther into the 8,500-square-foot headquarters, work-stations line up on vinyl flooring that resembles well-worn boards—perhaps pried off packing crates. Flooring in the central corridor is raw concrete, emblazoned with a yellow stripe to simulate a runway. And cabinets in the café stack up like cartons. The industrial references give way to more polished symbolism in the marble-paved client waiting area. Here, windows are airplane-style portholes, and an LED-illuminated ceiling cove mimics a swath of blue sky. 

Project Team:
Joe So; Michael Lam.

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