January 30, 2015

2014 BOY Winner: Apartment Building 2

Her reputation precedes her: the shamanistic first-name-only moniker, the devotion to feng shui, the contemplative mood that suffuses both her personality and her work. Her vibe is earth mother-y, her aesthetic the spatial equivalent of a deep, cleansing breath. So it’s a bit jarring to witness Clodagh channeling a kung fu fighter, giving a wall a hearty thwack with her platform-shoed foot. “These are surfaces that you can kick,” she says with zeal.

Hard-wearing elements make perfect sense for the abundant foot traffic at this rental property, a 33-story, 312-unit building by her fellow Interior Design Hall of Fame member Robert A.M. Stern. “There’s a real muscularity to many elements,” she continues, gesturing to the block-long lobby’s rivet-studded steel columns, the copper wall backdropping reception, the end-grain flooring used for walls, the craggy salvaged barn wood above the gas hearth, the worn leather on the serpentine sofa. She masterminded interiors for the public spaces, 12,000 square feet, along with two model apartments: a 700-square-foot one-bedroom and a 450-square-foot studio.

Well, more than two over time. Units are renting so fast that the models keep getting relocated and re-created. Some tenants have moved right into the models as is, fully furnished with Clodagh’s inimitable high/low mix.

Project Team: Nancie Min; Hanna Chang; Jose Jimenez; Ferratti Valerio; Suh Young Hwang.

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