January 30, 2015

2014 BOY Winner: Food Retail

Recipes from this French purveyor go back several centuries—from chocolate to mille-feuille. Thoroughly modernizing history, the latest of 34 shops outside Paris is a spectacular Hong Kong location by Interior Design Hall of Fame members George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg. It’s on the mainland side, in the city’s largest mall.

The 2,900-square-foot sequence of function zones starts with 970 square feet of retail. (Next come a café, formal dining, and a room for private events.) An array of macaroons is immediately visible to customers as soon as they pass an oversize security gate that abstracts a hand-drawn map of Paris, circa 1800, in three layers of brass.

Brass also frames the glass tops of the Carrara marble display cases, while serpentine brass shelves are glamorously up-lit. To underscore a feeling of permanence, marble furthermore clads the walls, even the curved ones. On the floor, two different types of marble al­­ter­nate to create trompe l’oeil hexagons that flow, uninterrupted, into the cheese room.

Project Team: Johnathan Garrison; Tara Browne; Anson Lee; Joyce Mou; Ali Mikkawi; Chris French; Bahar Ghaemi; Dylan Mckinnon; Crawford Noble.

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