June 2, 2021

3+2 Design Studio References the Science of Coffee for iDrip Coffee Lab in Taiwan

3+2 Design Studio created the iDrip Coffee Lab within 138 square feet. Photography courtesy of 3+2 Design Studio.

For many coffee aficionados, the brew method of choice is perhaps the simplest: the pour over. At least that’s the preferred technique of barista champion John Yeh. Guided by his expertise and business acumen, Yeh’s company iDrip has created a variety of smart pour-over coffeemakers where each drop produced is, according to Yeh, “a drop of science.” For Creative Expo Taiwan, iDrip teamed up with local firm 3+2 Design Studio to create the iDrip Coffee Lab display and tasting experience, which enables coffee enthusiasts to savor a cup while learning about its origins.

Leaning into the scientific elements behind iDrip, 3+2 Design Studio opted for white walls to enhance the luminosity of the space where different beans are displayed in glass test tubes and beakers. Around the perimeter, metal tables, similar to the ones used in laboratories, showcase iDrip machines. A blackboard illustrated with coffeemaker blueprints in the style of Leonardo Da Vinci’s scientific illustrations adds an element of art to the space, while referencing the namesake of iDrip’s latest machine. Surrounded by bags of coffee, which feature the faces and stories of master baristas, guests can indulge in rich aromas and flavor profiles while getting a first-hand look into the inner workings of the minds and machines that bring coffee to life.

The simple and transparent iDrip  Coffee Lab sign. Photography courtesy of 3+2 Design Studio.
Different beans and their characteristics are displayed in glass beakers as if they were scientific solutions. Photography courtesy of 3+2 Design Studio.
iDrip’s Da Vinci S models atop a steel display table. Photography courtesy of 3+2 Design Studio.
iDrip’s logo centrally displayed. Photography courtesy of 3+2 Design Studio.
The lab experience takes place under the exposed warehouse ceiling and beams of light. Photography courtesy of 3+2 Design Studio.
Over 21 baristas from 15 countries are featured on the bags of beans. Photography courtesy of 3+2 Design Studio.

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