January 7, 2018

3 Atlanta Eateries by Square Feet Studio

Square Feet Studio founders John and Vivian Bencich share more than their work and personal lives. They also share appetites for great food and fine design. “It’s not uncommon on vacation for us to pop into five or six different places in a day, just to see the space,” Vivian says. “If not to eat, too!”

The firm may eschew a signature style in favor of personalized planning, but that passion is evident in the dozens of hospitality projects they’ve created throughout Atlanta—none more beloved than the Staplehouse, a neighborhood landmark that also includes a nonprofit organization. “The integrity and closeness of the community really sets this market apart,” says John. The same could be said for Square Feet Studio.

Bar Mercado. Photography by Andrew Thomas Lee.

1. Bar Mercado

Cuisine: Spanish Tapas

Size: 3,200 square feet

Standout: Chromatic fabrics, wallcoverings, and neon lights mingle with weathered steel and wood à la Madrid’s lively food halls.

Bread & Butterfly. Photography by Andrew Thomas Lee.

2. Bread & Butterfly

Cuisine: French

Size: 1,650 square feet

Standout: Inspired by Paris’s café-lined streets, the all-day eatery beckons visitors inside custom steel doors to cozy dining quarters accented in greens and blues.

Staplehouse. Photography by Andrew Thomas Lee.

3. Staplehouse

Cuisine: New American

Size: 2,900 square feet + 180-square-foot back garden

Standout: A fin de siècle brick storefront became a neighborhood landmark that boasts a pristine dining patio backdropped by timeworn ivy-covered walls and an oak tree–shaded kitchen.

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