December 4, 2015

4 Technology Workplaces by a Web of Gensler Offices

Gensler50-icon A web of Gensler offices generates a network of technology workplaces:

1. Designers: Paul Manno; Gracie Andraos
Project: Bottle Rocket 
Location: Dallas, Texas
Standout: The 480-foot-long floor plate for this corporate branding agency is made manageable via concrete flooring that enables biking and scooting—and a central kitchen serves as a pit stop along the way.

2. Designers: Randy Howder; Nicole Germano; Scott Vittorelli; Bill Fedun; Antonio Caliz; Santiago Rivera
Project: Facebook 
Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Standout: Reflecting Facebook’s cool corporate culture as well as this capital city’s vibrant palette and vernacular architecture, the 13,000-square-foot open plan features playful stripe “rugs” painted on the floor, stacked concrete masonry units, and a ring for lucha libre wrestling, a national pastime.

3. Designers: Jill Goebel; Meredith Sandman; Matt Rowan; Lisa Amster; Timothy Wright; Abby Grant
Project: Intelsat 
Location: McLean, Virginia
Standout: The satellite-services provider’s surroundings get aptly atmospheric, with starry glass, laserlike lighting, and inter­galactic stairs linking its five levels.

4. Designers: Lance Yeary; Holly Holstrom
Project: IT company
Location: Austin, Texas
Standout: Painted steel columns, rakishly askew, do double-duty: supporting an aquariumlike glass-box meeting room while also delineating a sunken lounge below.

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