March 23, 2018

4 U.S. and European Projects That Nourish Mind, Body, and Spirit

1. Firm: Mancini.Duffy

Project: Peloton

Site: New York

Standout: Near the studio where the company shoots its online cycling classes, the bikes’ angularity contrasts with the mushroom tops of the office’s cast-iron columns.

Firm: 4A Architekten. Project: Freizeitbad Stegermatt. Site: Offenburg, Germany. Photography by Uwe Ditz.

2. Firm: 4A Architekten

Project: Freizeitbad Stegermatt

Site: Offenburg, Germany

Standout: This aquatics center’s galvanized, varnished steel staircase and mosaic-clad concrete seating energize in red, while the rolling overhead surface of pine slats soothes.

Firm: CannonDesign. Project: Jacobs Medical Center. Site: La Jolla, California. Photography by Christopher Barrett.

3. Firm: CannonDesign

Project: Jacobs Medical Center

Site: La Jolla, California

Standout: Pewlike benches sweep up from the Serenity Room’s engineered wood floor, toward a ceiling in lime plaster shaped by hand to accommodate the heavenly glow of LEDs.

Firm: Plano Humano Arquitectos. Project: Chapel of Our Lady of Fátima. Site: Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal. Photography by João Morgado.

4. Firm: Plano Humano Arquitectos

Project: Chapel of Our Lady of Fátima

Site: Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal

Standout: At a National Scouts Center, an open structure in pine and zinc reaches skyward 30 feet, letting the summer sunset approach the granite altar.

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