February 26, 2017

5 Modernist-Inspired Homes

On behalf of Modernism Week, we celebrate modernist-inspired residences that nod to the past while setting precedent for tomorrow’s trailblazers.

Itaipava Weekend House by Miguel Pinto Guimarães Associated Architects. Photography by Leonardo Finotti.

1. ProjectItaipava Weekend House.

Firm: Miguel Pinto Guimarães Associated Architects.

Location: Rio de Janeiro.

Standout: The looming facade’s repetitive structural elements recall the iconic bridge building designed for the Art Center College of Design campus in Pasadena, California, by Craig Ellwood Associates (of Case Study House fame).

Opposite House by RZLBD and Julia Francisco Design. Photography courtesy of borXu.

2. ProjectOpposite House.

Firm: RZLBD, Julia Francisco Design.

Location: Toronto.

Standout: During the design process, RZLBD principal Reza Aliabadi and Julia Francisco talked a lot about Ludwig Mies van der Rohe; a Barcelona daybed, covered in white leather, sets a Miesian tone right at the entry.

Gerês House by Atelier Carvalho Araújo. Photography by Sergio Pirrone.

3. ProjectGerês House.

Firm: Atelier Carvalho Araújo.

Location: Vieira do Minho.

Standout: From below, the house recalls Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater, taking advantage of a steep site with a trickling stream.

Eichler Residence Renovation by Modern House. Photography by Assassi Productions.

4. ProjectEichler Residence Renovation.

Firm: Modern House.

Location: Sunnyvale.

Standout: Going beyond mere repair, Modern House’s goal was to fulfill some of modernism’s promises: an enhanced indoor-outdoor connection, thanks to increased glass and light, and an even more open layout.

Los Angeles Residence by Minarc. Photography by Art Gray.

5. ProjectLos Angeles Residence.

Firm: Minarc.

Location: Los Angeles.

Standout: This 2,800-square-foot home in Beverly Grove evinces an almost spiritual serenity: an homage, the designers say, to the 1960’s Light and Space Movement (not to mention Minarc’s ability to plumb the language of modernism).

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