November 5, 2017

5 Top-Notch Foreign Hotels

International travel destinations exemplify five-star hospitality.

1. Project: citizenM Gare de Lyon.


Site: Paris.

Standout: Interior elements riff on the City of Lights, from a sky bar that’s modeled after Parisian maisonettes to murals by local artists Mast Cora and Romain Froquet.

Fairmont Quasar by Wilson Associates. Photography by Jesus Alonso Otero. 

2. Project: Fairmont Quasar.

FirmWilson Associates.

Site: Istanbul.

Standout: Art deco details such as the whiskey bar’s decanter-inspired fixtures pay homage to a nearby liquor factory by Robert Mallet-Stevens.

Mylines Hotel by LYCS Architecture. Photography by Wu Qingshan. 

3. Project: Mylines Hotel.

FirmLYCS Architecture.

Site: Hangzhou, China.

Standout: Each of the romantic getaway’s 33 rooms manipulates scale, acoustics, surface materials, and illumination to magnify guests’ inner desires.

Orient Jerusalem by HBA. Photography by Ori Ackerman. 

4. Project: Orient Jerusalem.


Site: Jerusalem.

Standout: Meticulous stone work, an interactive museum of Templar artifacts, and a rooftop infinity pool ensure guests fully connect with the Holy City’s storied heritage.

Prince Gallery Tokyo Kioicho by Rockwell Group. Photography by Ed Reeve.

5. Project: Prince Gallery Tokyo Kioicho.

FirmRockwell Group.

Site: Tokyo.

Standout: The restaurant’s skyline-inspired metal wall screens and the cloud-like furnishings in reception nod to the site’s high elevation.

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