October 1, 2019

5 Visual Boards That Will Reinvent Your Workspace

Pallet Wall is a contemporary display solution for a permanent wall, offering unique configurations and made with natural materials. Pallet Wall works alone or in tandem with Pallet space division furniture, creating spaces to collaborate, showcase, and personalize any commercial space. Photography courtesy of Waddell. 

Walls often create immovable boundaries in a space. As an increasing number of offices and schools prioritize flexible design elements, the bones of a building can pose significant challenges. But what happens when walls can easily move, creating an endless array of new configurations that foster collaboration? One company is developing visual communication tools that do just that.   

Ghent, a premium supplier of whiteboards, glassboards, and bulletin boards since 1976, creates multi-purpose products built to elevate any aesthetic and last throughout the lifetime of a given space. Since its beginnings in a former powder plant in the 70s, the family-run business has evolved into an innovator in the visual board arena, creating quality boards to suit ever-changing commercial aesthetics. 

Stroll Mobile Glassboards, which are available in four different styles and sizes as well as a variety of colors, foster collaboration and provide acoustic buffering with an optional fabric panel available. Photography courtesy of Ghent.

As open workspaces become the norm, Ghent’s whiteboard, glassboards, and cork walls prove to be an invaluable design tool. The company’s collections are constructed with flexibility in mind, functioning as privacy screens for impromptu meetings or as sturdy, permanent wall fixtures. Ghent’s playful Hex collection also succeeds in turning visual boards into wall art. Hex affords designers the freedom to arrange hexagonal whiteboards and bulletin boards in unique geometric patterns, adding character to a space. Designers also have the option of including acoustic fabrics in the Hex collection, providing a sound barrier to deflect noise in contemporary spaces. 

The Hex line of products are available in LINK powder-coated steel, glass, fabric, and acoustic materials and with a universal hanging system, can be hung in a variety of orientations allowing users to experiment with the tilt of the board while creating and artful aesthetic. Photography courtesy of Ghent.

Today, eco-friendly business principles are as vital as evera commitment Ghent takes to heartespecially since furniture is difficult to dispose of. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the amount of furniture waste in landfills continues to rise—from 7.6 million tons in 2005 to 9.6 million tons in 2015Larger items are heavy and bulky—a true challenge to move, let alone resell. And given the prevalence of easily replaceable, inexpensive furnishings, which can be delivered with the click of a button, waste is a growing concern.

Adaptable furnishings, like Ghent’s visual boards, help combat this issue. The company’s collections are created with sustainable materials, like wood from pre-consumer recycled content, aluminum composed from post-industrial scrap material, as well as recycled steel and glass. 

Ghent Bulletin Boards are hand-crafted and made with self-healing cork, which makes holes disappear, to provide years of reliable use. Photography courtesy of Ghent. 

Ghent also helps mitigate environmental challenges by offering industry leading warranties, ensuring the lifespan of each product for 10 years or more. Additionally, 95 percent of the company’s collections are made in the USA, which reduces carbon emissions from overseas shipping. 

Ghent’s heavy-duty hanging system, Aria, is perfect for educational settings and conference rooms. With multiple orientation options, Aria can be used as a single board or designed as a glass wall. Photography courtesy of Ghent. 

As designers seek out flexible and sustainable elements for offices and schools, they need look no further when sourcing modern, multi-faceted visual boards. Ghent’s visual boards come in an array of colors, from subtle neutrals to vibrant hues, and styles enabling designers to truly customize any space. 

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