October 29, 2018

6 Delicious Dining Environments Whet the Appetite

A host of delicious dining environments whets the appetite.

1. Firm: Sella Concept

Project: Piraña

Site: London

Standout: Named after the spirited South American fish, and serving up ceviches, tacos, and empanadas, the setting is as equally vibrant courtesy of caliente wooden paneling and jade terrazzo flooring.

Photography by Eric Laignel.

2. Firm: George Wong Design

Project: DaDong

Site: New York

Standout: A traditional Chinese courtyard is conjured—and updated—with bamboo-mimicking acrylic rods, a hunk of Chinese limestone for the host stand, and a hexagonal “window,” a common architectural feature.

Photography by Nicole LaMotte.

3. Firms: Land Design Studio and Wick Architecture & Design

Project: Sake Dojo

Site: Los Angeles

Standout: Sedate maple-veneered plywood is enlivened by floor-to-ceiling panels printed with fish, wave, and blossom imagery by Japanese tattoo artist Horifuji.

Photography by Juan Delgado.

4. Firm: Lucas y Hernández-Gil

Project: Casaplata

Site: Seville, Spain

Standout: Rounded forms and a pastel upholstery palette juxtapose with such industrial, brutalist nods as unpolished concrete flooring and exposed pipes.

Photography by FG+SG Architectural Photography/Photofoyer.

5. Firm: Miguel Vieira Baptista

Project: EDP

Site: Lisbon

Standout: Suspended wool panels deliver warmth and sound-dampening in the energy company’s cafeteria, where a fluorescent artwork replicates the chemical composition of caffeine.

Photography by Kristen Pelou.

6. Firm: Sybarite

Project: Beijing Kitchen

Site: Xi’an, China

Standout: Verdant onyx panels, brass detailing, and a run of uniform acoustic discs work in tandem to reference the symmetry, hierarchy, and greenery of the Forbidden City.

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