July 29, 2016

6 Hotels Around the World are Destinations On Their Own

Hotels around the world offer singular attractions.

1. FirmX + Living.
Project: Ripple Hotel, Hangzhou, China.
Standout: At a retreat on the shore of a lake, water-inspired shapes define the ash furniture, while a woven bamboo ceiling drenches reception in shadow play.

Alex Hotel by Arent & Pyke and Spaceagency: Architects. Photography by Anson Smart.

2. FirmArent & Pyke and Spaceagency: Architects.
Project: Alex Hotel, Perth, Australia.
Standout: The facade’s geometry is echoed inside by birch-plywood furniture, softened by a pastel palette and such tactile textiles as mohair velvet.

Premier Inn Frankfurt Messe by JOI-Design and JSJ Design. Photography by Julian Abrams.

3. Firm: JOI-Design and JSJ Design.
Project: Premier Inn Frankfurt Messe.
Standout: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland graphics and a lounge-as-library give a British twist to a U.K. budget hotel chain’s first property in Germany.

Kimpton Schofield Hotel by Warren Red and StudioCRM. Photography by Whit Preston.

4. FirmWarren Red and StudioCRM.
Project: Kimpton Schofield Hotel, Cleveland.
Standout: A plant-filled niche in the lobby reminds us that Levi Schofield, architect of the 1901 building that now houses this hotel, was also a nature enthusiast.

Hôtel du Ministère by Agence François Champsaur. Photography by Francis Amiand.

5. FirmAgence François Champsaur.
Project: Hôtel du Ministère, Paris.
Standout: Pillow covers by Memphis co-founder Nathalie Du Pasquier inject color into the hotel’s separate duplex apartment, where blackened steel frames the skylight.

Axiom Hotel by Stonehill & Taylor Architects. Photography by Calvin Jung.

6. FirmStonehill & Taylor Architects.
Project: Axiom Hotel, San Francisco.
Standout: A celebration of the city’s cable cars takes the form of crisscross lighting and an installation of chromatic ropes that descends through the main stairwell.

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