February 1, 2017

6 Innovative New Offices

Workspaces of creative companies promote innovative thinking.

Firm: Kostow Greenwood Architects.

Project: The Shop East at VSP Global.

Site: New York.

Standout: Zaneen circular fixtures and standing-height tables with writeable surfaces define an eye care company’s innovation lab.

Valley Forge Fabrics headquarters by Stantec. Photography by Barry Grossman.

Firm: Stantec.

Project: Valley Forge Fabrics Headquarters.

Site: Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Standout: Fabric tubes demarcate the reception area of the upholstery company’s headquarters, where stripes of brilliant color crisscross the floor and walls.

Komar Brands headquarters by Studios Architecture. Photography by Robert Faulkner.

Firm: Studios Architecture.

Project: Komar Brands Headquarters.

Site: Jersey City, New Jersey.

Standout: Natural light punctuates an apparel company’s office, while open staircases and dedicated materials storage allow circulation for 500 employees.

Gazeta.ru office by Nefa Architects. Photography by Ilya Ivanov.

Firm: Nefa Architects.

Project: Gazeta.ru office.

Site: Moscow, Russia.

Standout: Black letters, scattered across the floor, reference newspaper type at a new agency’s office in a 19th-century manufacturing plant.

WME | IMG office by Vocon. Photography by Will Ellis Photography.

Firm: Vocon.

Project: WME | IMG office.

Site: New York.

Standout: At the talent company’s office, a 15-screen media wall delivers the latest news, while a cafe with a living wall and a library nook offer places to recharge.

Supplyframe Design Lab by Cory Grosser + Associates. Photography by Benny Chan.

Firm: Cory Grosser + Associates.

Project: Supplyframe Design Lab.

Site: Pasadena, California.

Standout: Employees at the technology company’s lab, made from a palette of blackened steel, raw concrete, and rough sawn timber, can peer into a glass-walled volume for rapid prototyping.

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