September 29, 2015

6 NYC Apartments Provide Shelter From the Concrete Jungle

An apartment can be an oasis of style:

1. Firm: Luca Andrisani Architect and Philip A. Gulotta Jr.

Project: Duplex Penthouse.

Site: Chelsea.

Standout: A skillful interpretation of a trellis, the roof terrace’s marine-plywood walls, studded with dowels to assist climbing vines, also screen a hot tub and a shower.

2. Firm: Dufner Heighes and Messana O’Rorke.

Project: Model Apartment.

Site: Upper East Side.

Standout: Conjuring up the life of a fictitious family, details range from heraldic-motif wallpaper to vintage hand-painted ceramic lamps and wool rugs layered on sisal.

3. Firm: Michael K. Chen Architecture.

Project: Studio.

Site: Gramercy Park.

Standout: When the Murphy bed folds away, and a custom unit in lacquered MDF slides back, the TV inside pivots 180 degrees to face the sofa.

4. Firm: New Design Project.

Project: Loft.

Site: Jersey City.

Standout: One seemingly abstract canvas is actually Morse code telling the history of the 1899 building, a stable turned warehouse for the Metropolitan Opera.

5. Firm: Deborah Berke Partners.

Project: Apartment.

Site: Upper West Side.

Standout: Shapely furnishings, including a pair of Vladimir Kagan chairs, hold their own against a collection of museum-quality painting and sculpture.

6. Firm: BHDM Design.

Project: Apartment.

Site: Gramercy Park.

Standout: Highly tailored updates, such as the stained-oak portal that replaced a doorway’s traditional molding, reflect the client’s fashion sense.

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