February 1, 2019

6 Stunning Ceiling Fixtures for Your Next Project

Dallas-based lighting manufacturer Craftmade knows great design when they see it. For over 30 years, the brand has created high-quality fixtures and ceiling fans that deliver the latest in style and technology. Craftmade’s 200+ collections range from classic to contemporary, can be used for indoor and outdoor spaces, and are suitable for both residential and commercial projects.

Craftmade’s latest collections may follow the old design adage “form follows function” but that doesn’t mean these fixtures are staid. Unique shapes, sinuous curves, and surprising details punctuate the new collections, offering something every designer can use to add a striking final touch to a project. 

Whether seeking a stately accent for a residential kitchen or a captivating ceiling fan for a commercial lobby, designers can rely on Craftmade’s extensive roster of expertly designed lighting solutions. Here are six ceiling fixtures that exemplify the brand’s dedication to quality:

State House

Photography courtesy of Craftmade.

A modern adaption on classic décor, the Statehouse chandelier has bold style. The base is comprised of two concentric metal circles, and each bulb is held within an open dome glass casing, casting light evenly downwards. 


Photography courtesy of Craftmade.

Paying tribute to the classic pendant chandelier, the Nico’s ceramic body and solid white finish are as unexpected as the shapes and shadows created by the die-cut design that both diffuses and disperses the LED light from within.


Photography courtesy of Craftmade.

With a strong emphasis on geometry, the Randolph collection has a shape for every style and every space.


Photography courtesy of Craftmade.

A fresh take on a solid classic design, the Swyft fan features an updated look with five flared blades and pear-shaped housing with integrated LED lighting.


Photography courtesy of Craftmade.

Stripped free of decorative embellishments and extraneous detail, the Sonnet beautifully expresses the art of the ceiling fan at its most basic and elemental. It is available in multiple finishes and 52, 60, and 70-inch blade options.


Photography courtesy of Craftmade.

An ultra-modern canister delicately embraced by two transparent blades, the Illusion fan oozes sophistication.

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